Hello, it’s nice to meet you…

I’m Dana. 

Hello fellow members of a broken but well-meaning system! I’m happy to meet you, and I’m so glad you’ve made your way here.

I believe that doing good work, taking excellent care of ourselves, and pursuing our dreams can (and Must!) exist simultaneously.

I’m kind of an unconventional cheerleader – I love to see other helpers grow, flourish, and triumph over the status quo. Nothing makes me happier, because I believe no one is more deserving of All the Good Things than the helping community.

I encourage helpers to honor themselves FIRST while practicing in their professional fields. Why? So we can live fulfilled, vibrant lives and show up fully and wholly for the people we serve.  I support this mission in a few ways:

  • Through telling the stories of brave and radical helpers that are putting themselves first in all myriad of ways via my podcast, Help For the Helpers.
  • Through my group month-long intensive, HELP YOURSELF, where we work together to create individual plans to achieve freedom in all forms by paying off student loan debt.
  • Through coaching individual therapists (in cases of very good fit) to envision and create private practices that are intentional, sustainable, and thriving.

Helpers have always been individual and essential. We deserve no less than intentional, lucrative, roaring successes of careers and personal lives.

It is my mission to help us arrive there.