Your ideal private practice.

Your private practice, on your own terms.

What can you imagine?

Let’s create the private practice that serves your unique wants & needs.

You’re more than ready to leave agency work, and have long dreamt of owning a private practice. You envision working less, earning more, and answering only to yourself!

Together, we’ll build your private practice with purpose and intention, aim high, and get it right the first time. Your ideal practice awaits!

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Is coaching with Dana for you?

We’ll be a great fit to work together if:

You have a lot of great ideas for your practice, and could benefit from clarity, direction, support organizing your thoughts, and accountability.

You are daunted by the nuts & bolts of practice building, and need a clear timeline and action plan.

You want a unique-to-you, dream practice: full-fee clients, a lighter schedule, specific hours, working online, etc., but fear this may not be possible (I promise, it is!).

You need support in marketing/branding in order to fill your practice with your ideal clientele.

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