About Dana

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I’m Dana Belletiere – a licensed therapist with a passion for supporting helping professionals in creating authentic, empowered, intentional lives – while working in a notoriously challenging professional field. 

If you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing that you’ve made your career as a helper on purpose, and that there are many things you love about your chosen profession. You’ve likely poured buckets of time and money and energy into degrees and certifications and internships in order to do the work you love. You feel privileged to serve, and you do so with gratitude.

That’s me, too.

My decision to leave the nonprofit world was never about the clients – they were a joy. It was about the broken systems I worked within, and the repeated experiences I had that confirmed that I could not manage to both take good care of myself and sustain the work I was doing over the course of an entire career.

I worried for a long time about prioritizing my own wants and needs in my career life because I wasn’t sure how to realize them, or if I could even do so within the helping space. It wasn’t until I found myself chronically sick and drowning in my student loan debt that I knew I had to take some risks and choose myself over my work, or else I would go under.

I researched every money expert I could find to figure out how to get a handle on my student loans, which had ballooned to $121,000.00. I abandoned the flimsy PSLF plan and decided the only way out of student loan debt was through it. I left my agency job and pursued first a group practice, and then a private practice, allowing myself to make more money while working less. I meticulously followed a spending plan for four years (and one month!) that led me all the way out of the debt and to a place of financial, physical, and emotional freedom.

My coaching work is an extension of my years of experience as a therapist, my personal experience as a helper, and everything I learned along my own journey of building a life that was right for me, on my own terms.

 I want the same for you. When we work together, you can be sure that I have firsthand experience of where you’re coming from, and that I’m 100% on your team.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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