Where to Begin: Starting a Thriving Private or Group Practice
Have you been thinking about opening up your very own group or private practice, but have anxiety about how to go about taking that leap? Come spend an hour with me and my colleague, Allison Carey, and we’ll review the nuts and bolts of getting started so you can launch a thriving practice built on your personal vision. 
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I am frequently asked by the Helpers that I’m coaching and consulting about my “plan” for my first year in practice. What was my marketing strategy for my private practice?

I’ve been hearing a lot from helpers that I’m supporting that they are concerned about going into private practice because the market is saturated. “There are a million other therapists

For some of us, a slower transition into a private practice can be incredibly helpful to learn the nuts and bolts, and to make the process overwhelming. In this case,

Like many therapists, I hated working with insurance.  I know there are upsides. Paneling with insurance is a relatively easy way to fill a practice while also providing access to

Since I started the Help for the Helpers podcast, I’ve noticed a common thread amongst all of the awesome guests I’ve had the chance to interview. More often than not,

  In this episode I talk with my friend Josh Alvarez about his commitment to investing in his creative outlets (music and podcasting) while working in the helping professions. Josh