Where to Begin: Starting a Thriving Private or Group Practice
Have you been thinking about opening up your very own group or private practice, but have anxiety about how to go about taking that leap? Come spend an hour with me and my colleague, Allison Carey, and we’ll review the nuts and bolts of getting started so you can launch a thriving practice built on your personal vision. 
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Hello Helpers! I’m a career psychotherapist with a deep love for my fellow helpers and a strong loathing for the systems that keep us from living our best lives. I’ve

Just about everybody I know is still paying off student loan debt. I have one friend who’s paid it off, and a few that are getting pretty close. But in

Help for the Helpers, the podcast: Compassion without Self-Compromise. On Help for the Helpers, career psychotherapist Dana Belletiere explores the stories of radical helping professionals seeking to change the face

Here it is, the Help for the Helpers trailer to introduce you to the show. First episode drops October 5th – subscribe now so you don’t miss it! Check out

Hello helpers!  Today I’m talking a bit about Public Service Loan Forgiveness. I know. Yuck, yawn, right? But this topic is so important, because it impacts so many of us. 

Hello Helpers! If you’re reading this, you might be exactly where I was about five years ago – a little (or a lot desperate), scared, incredibly annoyed, and regularly wondering