HFTH tells the stories of everyday helpers that have made radical, innovative, out-of-the-box choices in their lives and careers in order to do important work that reflects their individual wants, needs, and passions.

I am so proud of this podcast – I hope you enjoy it and are inspired!

In this episode we reflect on the contributions of season one, including lessons learned, takeaways, and what’s next for HFTH, season 2! To quell the fears of any skeptics, we walk through Dana’s approach to getting out of student loan debt for helpers – we talk through the ACTUAL STEPS, y’all. Tune in for some great information and the hilarious banter that is Dana and Liam together.Reflections On Season One, and More on Your Money!

Any other helpers out there that are prone to fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants decision making? How about staying paralyzed in one place, opting not to try new things even when we know our current situation isn’t the right fit? Ignoring our intuition because of fear, doubt, or insecurity? No? Just me?

Do you have a voice inside your head telling you that something is right for you, and you should go for it? Do you feel comfortable using your intuition as a helper to cultivate a life on your own terms? Are you all tripped up by the red tape of the helping professions? Marissa Lawton talks getting in touch with your own wants and needs and pursuing your developing visions for your career and your life in this week’s invaluable episode.

Laura Edmonson is a digital creator, vanlifer, educator, minimalist, vegan, and environmentalist. In this episode, Laura reminds us to courageously move towards our aspirations and to set effective boundaries because, truly, there are no rules! She is an excellent example of someone who’s successfully bet on herself and seen positive life changes as a result. This is a great episode for helpers that feel misaligned with the mission of their workplace, and are looking for inspiration to take the leap into something better.

Remember what it was like to be a helping professional in your twenties? In this episode I talk with courageous helping professional Skyler Makkinje, a 28-year-old social worker who is doing the hard work of soul searching to find the next career steps that feel right for her. Are you in the same position? Skyler offers great insight – this episode is for you!

This week I had the privilege of speaking with Tiffany McLain! Her podcast, The Money Sessions, inspired me to consider my own worth, wants and needs in private practice when setting my fee and considering taking insurance (which I don’t!). Tiffany is dynamic, thoughtful, engaging, and willing to get down in the dirt with the difficult feelings and thoughts we helpers have about money. This episode is priceless.

Feeling like we’re doing something important and meaningful is a cornerstone of helping work. Feeling as though we are completely aligned with our mission, and are carrying it out everyday, is the hallmark of a personal calling. In this episode I talk with Nicole Bixler, an innovative helping professional who started her own nonprofit in Philadelphia to fill the holes she saw in services being provided to sex workers and substance users in the area.

In this episode I talk with Alison Maratos about moving through fear to find your way into the work that’s right for you at the time, even when it means shifting and morphing over time. Alison’s bravely moved through various jobs in the helping field, and is now settling into a future in entrepreneurship teaching other therapists how to build and grow their dream private practice.

This one’s for the educators! I talk with Josh Kingdom, an American teacher working in Poland. Josh has cracked the code on how to infuse teaching and curriculum with his own passions and interests to keep learning interesting and stay away from burnout. Josh shares great insights about how to stay enthusiastic about educating years into working in the education system. Josh is also one of my very best friends, so may I be so bold to say that he is as terrific a human as he is a teacher!

This week I’m bringing you a gazillion pieces of brilliant business advice from the courageous Helper Renee Gage. We talk through how help can take many different forms, pursuing your passions, not being afraid to ask for what you want, and finding creative ways to grow your fledgling business.

In this episode I talk with Ashley Comegys about how to creatively and confidently navigate starting up initiatives for yourself as a helper when times get tricky/problems arise. Ashley has reinvented and pivoted her work over time, creating new opportunities for herself to best suit her changing living situations. She gives great insight on how to find solutions within ourselves that are tailored to meet our own wants and needs first, while serving others.

In this episode I talk with my friend Josh Alvarez about his commitment to investing in his creative outlets (music and podcasting) while working in the helping professions. Josh beautifully illustrates the importance of maintaining creativity in balance with compassion, and he highlights the ways we can find bits and snippets of time to cultivate creativity in our daily lives.

Hello Helpers! I’m a career psychotherapist with a deep love for my fellow helpers and a strong loathing for the systems that keep us from living our best lives. I’ve had a rough go of figuring out how to take good care of myself while working in a field that takes care of others, and I’m telling the story of how I got to a place of balance, health, and financial freedom with the help of my producer and dear friend Liam.

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