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Help Yourself Group Coaching Intensive

Is your student loan debt causing you daily panic attacks? Are you feeling trapped by your debt in a social services job that’s a bad fit for you? Are you afraid that Public Service Loan Forgiveness is actually maybe not a real thing?

Are you aching to start your own private practice but are chained to your agency job by PSLF and lack of financial/entrepreneurial know-how?

A) I So get you.

B) This intensive is made for you!

I am thrilled to offer a 4-week group coaching intensive that lays out and supports you in implementing your plan to get off PSLF and get out of student loan debt and set yourself free.

Guys, there are a million reasons for us to get out of student loan debt, like:

  • Having agency over our career! This might look like:
  • The freedom to invest in ourselves and our learning: Taking those high-ticket courses and certifications we really WANT to take for our CEU’s…
  • The bandwidth to focus fully on our clients and the high quality of our services and offerings…
  • The freedom to breathe and relax in the hours that we aren’t working…

There’s literally no reason not to pursue this goal, but so many of us don’t because it’s incredibly overwhelming and we don’t know where to begin.

This is where I can help. I’ve been right where you are, and I successfully got myself out.

This was the single most important step I took to take excellent care of myself in my work and in my life. I want to help you do it, too. 

Find out more about the Help Yourself Group Intensive here!


$297 for four-week group intensive.

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Individual Coaching

In cases of very good fit, I offer individual coaching to motivated helping professionals seeking to work in a way that meets their individual wants and needs. Together, we will  organize your thoughts and emotions, identify areas of misalignment (what’s not working), prioritize areas of urgency, address any fears and feelings of overwhelm that emerge, and outline concrete steps and a timeline to make necessary changes.

Investment: $200 per 60 minute coaching session.

Just a note: I tend to work at a fast pace. While I recommend four-session packages to move through the processs effectively, I recognize that some clients will need fewer sessions, and some will need more. So, number of sessions is determined by the individual needs of each client. 

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Help for the Helpers Community Drop-In Coaching Call

Once monthly I offer an hour-long coaching call for no more than 10 participants. This call is for individuals that are looking for some quick coaching with me in a group context, at a reduced cost to the Group Intensive option. Participants are slotted for the call on a first come, first serve basis. Monthly call dates will be determined at start of each month.


$50 per 60 minute group call.

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Livestreamed Workshops

No workshops currently scheduled; check back periodically for new offerings!