Individual Coaching


$250 per 60 minute coaching session.


$900 for 4-session coaching package.

I offer individual support to therapists, counselors, and social workers that are burnt out from their agency jobs and ready to build their own ideal private practices. Want to stop taking insurance? I’m with you. Overwhelmed with how to get started? I’ve been there. Ready to niche down and work with clients that inspire and excite you? Let’s make it happen!

My ideal client is a motivated helping professional seeking to work in a way that meets their individual wants and needs.

Together, we will  organize your thoughts and emotions, identify areas of misalignment (what’s not working), prioritize areas of urgency, address any fears and feelings of overwhelm that emerge, and outline concrete steps and a timeline to make your thriving private practice a reality.

Just a note:

I tend to work at a fast pace. While I recommend four-session packages to move through the process effectively, I recognize that some clients will need fewer sessions, and some will need more. So, number of sessions is determined by the individual needs of each client, and will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Group Coaching


$50 per 60 minute coaching session in a group of 5 participants.

I offer group coaching to cohorts of five members at a time, for a time frame of four 60 -minute sessions (one month).  

Group coaching will cover the nuts and bolts of how to get started, and address the individual concerns and goals of each group member.

Group coaching offers a more affordable option to individual coaching, and also creates a more informal, community atmosphere to learn and support one another.

Schedule a consultation below to determine if group coaching might be right for you!