Three Benefits of Accountability

Building your ideal private practice is much, much easier when you have someone backing you up and holding you accountable? Why? Having an accountability coach can help you stick to your timelines, move in a clear and targeted direction, and spend your time in the areas that will have the most impact.

  1. TIMELINES! Timelines are essential. When we’re getting started in a new practice, we rightfully might feel both excited and overwhelmed. This can be a recipe for total stuck-ed-ness: the feeling that we want to do everything and do it all well, and so we end up doing …. well, nothing. Having a coach holding you accountable to a timeline provides the gentle pressure to complete tasks that you might otherwise put off in the name of trying to get things perfect. This small but invaluable support will advance your practice forward on the timetable you determine for yourself.
  2. DIRECTION! It’s rare to conceive of your ideal private practice in just one way. We often have many ideal versions of their practice, and can get caught up in the mire of small aspects (spending a full day doing one thing that doesn’t result in much), losing sight of the big picture. A coach centers you in the core values of the private practice that’s ideal for you, and keeps you moving towards building that practice.
  3. FOCUS! Truly, there’s a million possible ways to go as we imagine our ideal practice. As helping professionals, we like to know exactly what we’re doing and be overly qualified to do it, and there’s training available on everything, forever – taking up our time and putting off our launching of our private practice. A coach will work with you to identifythe best use of your time – allowing you to spend your working hours on areas that will have a direct impact on the success of your practice.

Having a coach help you imagine the private practice you want to build, and hold you accountable in taking the steps to build it takes your practice from a vague notion to a viable reality. Want to learn more about the benefits of accountability in building your private practice? Contact me at! I look forward to hearing from you!

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